My beautiful broken mind

Why blind typing costs so much less energy than non-blind typing.

I watched a beautiful documentary: “My beautiful broken mind.” This documentary tells the rehabilitation process of a young woman who has had a severe cerebral hemorrhage. The young woman has lost her linguistic ability because of the cerebral injury: she has a lot of trouble finding the right words while speaking and cannot read and write anymore. Strangely enough, she can still type blindly, although she can no longer read what she is typing.

Typing has become a purely motor action

Because she has automated typing, typing has become a purely motor action. So it no longer relies on its language capabilities. This may explain why people who type blindly can do so with ease while entrusting text to the paper. These people can effortlessly take minutes, type while looking at people, etc. So this seems to be because typing has become a motor activity, disconnected from linguistic activities. Typing is thus separate from language thinking, from holding thoughts in the linguistic memory.

  • Value your time – touch typing blindly with ten fingers will give you that time

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Here you will find more information: learn to type blind.

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