Project Description

Touch-Typing Blind with 10 fingers in 4 hours

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler” – Albert Einstein

SmartTyping is based on the brain’s power and efficiency. We first teach the participants the characters and their position on the keyboard to anchor in the brain, after which the brains steers the excellent motor skills. This is contrary to the conventional type training courses in which the motor skills are repeated until the brain recognizes it and stores it. This takes a lot more time and does not give any pleasure. Our experience is that participants learn faster when they also enjoy the learning process.

Short Description

Mastering the skill of touch-typing provides you with substantial time savings. In our modern society, the computer is essential. Nevertheless, only 30 to 50% can touch-type using 10 fingers.

We can’t imagine not having the use of information systems, in particular the Electronic Patient Dossier in the medical world. 

This means that every day a lot of time and money is lost on the work floor. Usually, there’s hardly any motivation to follow conventional typing training because it requires intensive practice for many months. Global Edutainment has come up with a revolutionary solution:


Increasing Typing Speed

After the online training, you can touch-type blind using ten fingers. In order to enhance your typing skill and increase your typing speed, an exercise will be sent daily by email to you for two weeks. This exercise will take a maximum of 15 minutes per day. After this exercise period, you will frequently receive an email to practice and to measure your progress. After six weeks, you will receive your last evaluation test. Additional exercises are also available through email. By practicing (daily), such as the training exercises and typing of an essay, the typing speed will increase.

During the online course SmartTyping, you will learn the position of all keys on the keyboard with the unique learning feature in which visualizations, stories, and other super working association techniques. Just as with SmartReading, a speed reading course is SmartTyping, also based on neuro-linguistic programming. The training is fun and interactive nobody will give up.


A lot of exercises are available within the training course, and there are several tests in which the progression is measured. The results are available immediately, and you receive an email with the results.

  • Creative environment – In an imaginative and creative environment, you learn how to touch type using 10 fingers
  • Focus – When you are able to touch type blindly, you can focus on the content
  • Dyslectic? – Speech therapists and remedial teachers know from experience that dyslectic people benefit hugely from a typing course

SmartTyping, the Most Fun, and Efficient Typing Training!

Industry Leading Typing Skills


Through SmartTyping, you will learn to touch-type with 10 fingers in a fun way. During the training course, you will make use of brain stimulant tools such as music, colors, and images. This results in activating the left-brain hemisphere’s analytical and abstract thinking areas as well as the right brain hemisphere’s creative and visual skills. You will experience a significantly faster learning ability with immediate storage in your long term memory. 

SmartTesting; a unique exercise and follow-up system

After the 4-hour training course, you will practice for 3 weeks in the online follow-up system. The tests take about 15 to 20 minutes, after which you receive immediate feedback from the system about your performance. 

After these 15 days of practicing, a few evaluation tests will follow to measure the progress of your skills. After 6 weeks, you will be asked to do an Evaluation Typing Test from which you will learn that you have made an improvement of an average of 20% compared to your 0-measurement, but now touch-typing with 10 fingers!    

We will reward you with an official SmartTyping Certificate. 


Before the online training course, you will take a 0-measurement to measure the start speed and accuracy. The classroom training (4 hours) is subdivided in sessions that are supported visually and by auditory: 

  • Concentration skills
  • Association skills
  • Basic row left hand
  • Basic row right hand
  • Left hand remaining keys
  • Right hand remaining keys
  • Left-hand symbols
  • Right-hand symbols
  • Left-hand numbers
  • Right-hand numbers

During the training course, the trainer will spend time on the correct working posture. For example, the participants learn at what height the desk and screen need to be. Also, the correct seating position for arms, legs as well as back will be explained. That way, the risk of illnesses such as RSI is kept to a minimum. 

Online Follow-up Trajectory

The online follow-up trajectory consists of 15 workday exercises from 15 to 30 minutes each. After that, several evaluation moments will follow at which the participants’ progress is measured. The interim status quo and development can be measured in the online follow-up system. In the first 15 working days after the training, we will support the participants daily by sending an email as motivation to practice. 

3 months of unlimited access to the online practice environment

You will have access to the online training environment for six months to practice your skills at any moment, with immediate feedback. Once a week, we will send a motivational email. 

5 Evaluation Moments

You will take 5 (mandatory) evaluation tests:

  • 1st evaluation: before the start of the training (0-measurement)
  • 2nd evaluation: directly after the training 
  • 3rd evaluation: 16 days after the training 
  • 4rh evaluation: 6 weeks after the training
  • 5th evaluation: 3 months after the training

During the entire trajectory, the progress is monitored by your personal trainer. He can act as a source of information, supervisor, and coach. Contact with the trainer is via email. 

Yes a real person behind it!


After completing the SmartTyping program, the participants will touch-type with 10 fingers and a minimum of 20% faster than before. After integration in the daily activities, the speed will continue to increase. 


The online course takes only 4 hours, take your breaks any time if you want. Besides serious instruction, there is also time for relaxation and fun. After the online training, the online follow-up trajectory will take place. 

Training Location

At home or anywhere in the world. 


Please visit the current overview of our references on the independent website springest.

Terms of Delivery

Payment is required upfront.


The information on the training course material is protected by copyright© Global Edutainment.

SmartTyping is customized For Quick Learning

The use of a computer in Elementary and High School, Universities and in society in general, is increasing. Students who have had typing training at a young age are better prepared for much computer use in the future. Besides, students who can find the keys automatically without having to focus on typing can concentrate on the actual content of the assignment.

Research by H. van der Meijden connected to the Radboud University in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, showed that students who learned the skill of touch-typing with 10 fingers at a young age are better prepared for Middle School. A correct posture while typing is also part of the training and reduce the risk of RSI problems.


There are many advantages to learn how to touch-type blind through SmartTyping.

After the training course, you can fully concentrate on what you want to type instead of thinking about the typing itself.

  • Adopting a relaxed work posture reduces the risk of RSI.
  • The course improves excellent motor skills while typing.
  • The training is fun, informal, and only takes 4 hours of online training.
  • There are 3 tests in which progression will be measured.
  • The results of the exercises and tests will be sent by email.
  • The exercise system is online.
  • The additional exercise material is available.

Start SmartTyping from what age?

The SmartTyping training course is available for children from the age of 11, who know the alphabet well and have not yet started to touch-type blind.

The Parent’s Role

We advise parents to motivate their children to consciously practice every day. The best and fastest result will be obtained by exercising regularly.

SmartTyping, the Most Fun, and Efficient Typing Training!

If you have any questions, we are happy to answer them. Please give us a call or e-mail us.

Are You Dyslectic?

“I heard that typing blindly has a positive effect on dyslexia.”

Dyslexia means that someone has a clumsy strategy when automating reading. SmartReading shows this nicely. SmartReading is a study quick-reading method with a hugely beneficial effect on dyslexia. We have been teaching this method since 1992 with the latest brain techniques so that the participants learn to read visually.

In 2009 we developed the SmartTyping type course based on the smart method.

Watch the short movie to get an idea.

When your son or daughter can type blindly with 10 fingers after SmartTyping, the pace in the classroom is no longer a problem, it costs less energy, and the visualization with SmartTyping also improves reading and spelling.

In a creative environment

In an imaginative and creative environment, you learn how to touch type using 10 fingers. During the online training course, both the left and right hemispheres of your brain will be stimulated through visual, kinesthetic and auditory learning techniques. Using pictures, music, colors and other exercises, the creative and visual fields of the right-brain hemisphere are stimulated. Simultaneously, certain areas of the left-brain hemisphere with its function for logical, analytical and abstract thinking are also stimulated. The benefit of these learning methods is to increase the use of your whole brain, which results in knowledge being saved far more efficiently in your long-term memory and your new skills being accessed more effectively. We will also spend time on the correct position of the fingers and body posture.


After completing the full SmartTyping program, type blind with 10 fingers and at least 30% faster than before. Your reports are processed quicker, and typing them will keep increasing speed.

During the entire process, your progress is monitored by your own trainer. This can act as a source of information, counselor, and coach. Contact with the trainer is via e-mail.

Thanks to the brain-friendly method, dyslectic people find it easy to learn fast to touch type. Speech therapists and remedial teachers know from experience that dyslectic people benefit hugely from a typing course. If dyslexia also causes problems when you read, take a look at: SmartReading. A speed-reading method also developed through brain-friendly learning.

Focus on your content!

When you are able to touch type blindly, you can focus on the content. No longer do you have to alternate between the keyboard and the content of what you are learning, or the text you have to type. SmartTyping is so unique.
Nowhere else will you be able to learn to touch-type in 4.5 hours using 10 fingers!

How Does It Work?

Baseline measurement exercise
Prior to the course, you will be asked to complete a baseline measurement exercise in order to measure your typing speed and accuracy. During the course we will highly stimulate your brain with visual, kinesthetic and auditory learning skills. You will receive an official SmartTyping certificate after completing the 6-week evaluation exercise.

Evaluation Typing Tests if you want
In addition to the exercises requested by email, you are more than welcome to improve your typing skills by practicing using our online exercise environment: SmartTesting. After intervals of 6 weeks, 3 months and 6 months you will be asked to complete an Evaluation Typing Test.

After completing the training, you will have gained blind faith in SmartTyping!

Elements of the course

  • Concentration skills
  • Basic row (home keys) left hand
  • Remaining keys left hand
  • Left-hand symbols
  • Left-hand numbers
    Body posture, finger exercises
  • Association techniques
  • Basic row (home keys) right hand
  • Remaining keys right hand
  • Right-hand symbols
  • Right-hand numbers
  • Finger position on the keyboard

Duration of the course

The course will last a couple of hours at your own pace.

What you get:

  1. 24/7 online follow-up.
  2. Enhance your accuracy and speed.
  3. It only takes 4 hours!
  4. Time gain and more focus on the job.
  5. Reduced risk of RSI by adopting the correct posture.
  6. Ultrafast processing of digital information.
  7. The course improves your fine motor skills.
  8. 3 months unlimited access to the online exercise environment.
  9. More freedom in learning.
  10. Your speed will have increased.
  11. You will be able to touch type blind with 10 fingers.
  12. Additional exercise material is available.
  13. Availability for SmartTyping at your location because it is online!
  14. Able to fully concentrate on what you want to type.
  15. You will receive an official SmartTyping Certificate.
  16. After 6 weeks your improvement will be up to 15 to 20%.
  17. Better focus on the content instead of the keyboard.

Coaching by your personal trainer.


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