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Discover the art of touch typing in just four hours! Our top priority is to enhance your learning experience, which is why we only recommend products and services that cater to your requirements.

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In a dynamic and innovative setting, you will acquire the skill of touch typing with all ten fingers. Throughout the online training program, both the left and right hemispheres of your brain will be engaged through various visual, kinesthetic, and auditory learning techniques. By utilizing images, music, colors, and other exercises, the creative and visual aspects of the right-brain hemisphere will be stimulated.

At the same time, specific regions of the left-brain area responsible for logical, analytical, and abstract thinking will also be stimulated. These learning techniques have the advantage of maximizing the use of your entire brain, resulting in more effective storage of knowledge in your long-term memory and greater efficiency in accessing your newly acquired skills. In addition, we will cover the proper positioning of your fingers and body posture.

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  • Our school has an international focus as our students come from various parts of the world.

  • At SmartTyping, we promote touch typing without looking at the keyboard.

  • I aim to enhance productivity by facilitating efficient typing for report writing, in addition to utilizing the power of artificial intelligence.

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My purpose is to help you improve your typing and learning abilities for personal growth

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If we approach learning with a sense of fun, it can be an enjoyable experience that boosts our confidence.

Our main objective is to cater to your individual brain and requirements. With more than 30 years of expertise, we have discovered that anyone can master SmartTyping. By utilizing various methods, we have achieved practical outcomes.

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