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Learn to touch type in just 4 hours!

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In an imaginative and creative environment, you learn how to touch type using 10 fingers. During the online training course, both the left and right hemispheres of your brain will be stimulated through visual, kinesthetic, and auditory learning techniques. Using pictures, music, colors, and other exercises, the creative and visual fields of the right-brain hemisphere are stimulated.

Simultaneously, certain areas of the left-brain region with its function for logical, analytical, and abstract thinking are also stimulated. The benefit of these learning methods is to increase the use of your whole brain, which results in knowledge being saved far more efficiently in your long-term memory and your new skills being accessed more effectively. We will also spend time on the correct position of the fingers and body posture.

SmartTyping explained by Kees in an interview


After completing the training, you will have gained blind faith in SmartTyping!
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  • International focus – our students come from across the globe

  • Courses SmartTyping – we encourage touch typing blindly

  • People and efficiency – speed up typing reports

Nowhere else will you be able to learn to touch-type in 4 hours using 10 fingers!



Be able to contribute to the growth of you we consider it our challenge to educate and facilitate tomorrow’s typers in the most inspirational and personal way possible. Becoming a fast touch typer is being one.

What we offer you is certainly challenging.

Just do what we are good at and get the best results.

By letting learning be fun in a pleasant online training environment, you enjoy learning new insights and skills.

Adjustment to your needs.

Since 1992, our experience has taught that you too can learn smartReading.

We enter into this commitment with you and together we come to a combination of “visual reading”, “better memorization”, “being able to make good analyzes” and “increased creativity”. Concrete results!

Fascinating training course with many eye-openers, tips & tricks guaranteed by our more than 25 years of experience.

Huge efficiency in your work and great personal growth.

Openness, Respect, and Trust.