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The funniest and most efficient typing course

Why Typing Training?

For only $ 275,- you learn you touch-type blindly within 4 hours!

The use of a computer in primary- and secondary school, high school, university, and society, in general, is increasing. Students who have had typing training at a young age are better prepared for much future computer use. 

Also, students who can find the keys automatically do not have to focus on typing. They can focus on the content of the assignment. Research by H. van der Meijden connected to the Radboud University in Nijmegen, showed, that students who learned the skill of touch-typing with ten fingers at a young age are better prepared for secondary school. A correct posture while typing is also part of the training. It prevents RSI problems.

Touch-Typing for young people

During a 4½-hour online training course, your child will learn the position of all keys on the keyboard from a skilled trainer. The training makes use of a unique learning feature in which visualization and association techniques are the core elements. Since the training is short, nobody will give up.

The training is fun and interactive.

Increasing Typing Speed

After the training, the student can touch-type blind using ten fingers. To enhance the skill and increase typing speed, for two weeks, an exercise will be sent daily by email. This exercise will take a maximum of 15 minutes per day. After this exercise period, the students will frequently receive an email to practice and to measure their progress. After six weeks, they will receive their last evaluation test. Additional exercises are also available through email. By practicing (daily), such as the training exercises and typing of an essay, the typing speed will increase.


A lot of exercises are available within the training course, and there are several tests in which the progression is measured. The results are available immediately, and an email with the result is sent to the child.

The method to learn typing quickly and efficiently while having fun!

The Parent’s Role for the young ones

We advise parents to motivate their children to practice every day consciously.

Practice only for 15 minutes a day.

The best and fastest result will be obtained by exercising regularly.

SmartTyping at What Age?

The SmartTyping training course is available for students from the age of 11 who know the alphabet well and do not yet touch-type blind.

  • International Focus – Students from around the world
  • How – Learn to type blindly with 10 fingers at your location in 4 hours
  • Focus On Content – keep your eye on what’s important, your learning material
  • Student Dedication – Integration is fast and effective because of the unique design
  • What – a zero-measurement, 4 hours online touch-typing class and then three weeks of online practice

SmartTyping, the Most Fun, and Efficient Typing Training

There are many advantages to learn how to touch-type blind through SmartTyping:

  • After the training course the students can fully concentrate on what they want to type instead of thinking about the typing itself.
  • Adopting a relaxed work posture prevents RSI.
  • While typing, excellent motor skills are used, so the course improves this!
  • The training is fun and informal and only takes 4½ hours.
  • There are three tests in which progression will be measured.
  • The results of the exercises and tests will be sent by email.
  • The exercise system is online.
  • Additional exercise material is available.

We also provide SmartTyping online training courses in educational institutions. The benefit for students in primary and secondary schools is excellent.

As a teacher, you can track the student through our learning system.

No SmartTyping at your child’s school yet? Please feel free to contact us.


SmartTyping believes that a child’s development is essential and is aware of the fact that young students learn the easiest. To encourage this, we offer the SmartTyping 4Kids training at a reduced price. Please ask for a quote.

Industry Leading Typing Skills


Through SmartTyping, you will learn to touch-type with 10 fingers in a fun way. During the training course, you will make use of brain stimulant tools such as music, colors, and images. This results in activating the left-brain hemisphere’s analytical and abstract thinking areas as well as the right brain hemisphere’s creative and visual skills. You will experience a significantly faster learning ability with immediate storage in your long term memory. 

SmartTesting; a unique exercise and follow-up system

After the 4-hour training course, you will practice for 3 weeks in the online follow-up system. The tests take about 15 to 20 minutes, after which you receive immediate feedback from the system about your performance. 

After these 15 days of practicing, a few evaluation tests will follow to measure the progress of your skills. After 6 weeks, you will be asked to do an Evaluation Typing Test from which you will learn that you have made an improvement of an average of 20% compared to your 0-measurement, but now touch-typing with 10 fingers!    

We will reward you with an official SmartTyping Certificate. 


Before the online training course, you will take a 0-measurement to measure the start speed and accuracy. The classroom training (4 hours) is subdivided in sessions that are supported visually and by auditory: 

  • Concentration skills
  • Association skills
  • Basic row left hand
  • Basic row right hand
  • Left hand remaining keys
  • Right hand remaining keys
  • Left-hand symbols
  • Right-hand symbols
  • Left-hand numbers
  • Right-hand numbers

During the training course, the trainer will spend time on the correct working posture. For example, the participants learn at what height the desk and screen need to be. Also, the correct seating position for arms, legs as well as back will be explained. That way, the risk of illnesses such as RSI is kept to a minimum. 

Online Follow-up Trajectory

The online follow-up trajectory consists of 15 workday exercises from 15 to 30 minutes each. After that, several evaluation moments will follow at which the participants’ progress is measured. The interim status quo and development can be measured in the online follow-up system. In the first 15 working days after the training, we will support the participants daily by sending an email as motivation to practice. 

3 months of unlimited access to the online practice environment

You will have access to the online training environment for six months to practice your skills at any moment, with immediate feedback. Once a week, we will send a motivational email. 

5 Evaluation Moments

You will take 5 (mandatory) evaluation tests:

  • 1st evaluation: before the start of the training (0-measurement)
  • 2nd evaluation: directly after the training 
  • 3rd evaluation: 16 days after the training 
  • 4rh evaluation: 6 weeks after the training
  • 5th evaluation: 3 months after the training

During the entire trajectory, the progress is monitored by your personal trainer. He can act as a source of information, supervisor, and coach. Contact with the trainer is via email. 

Yes a real person behind it!


After completing the SmartTyping program, the participants will touch-type with 10 fingers and a minimum of 20% faster than before. After integration in the daily activities, the speed will continue to increase. 


The online course takes only 4 hours, take your breaks any time if you want. Besides serious instruction, there is also time for relaxation and fun. After the online training, the online follow-up trajectory will take place. 

Training Location

At home or anywhere in the world. 


Please visit the current overview of our references on the independent website springest.

Terms of Delivery

Payment is required upfront.


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As a teacher, you can track the student through our learning system!

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