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Learn to touch-type blindly with all ten fingers in just four hours.

At SmartTyping, our mission is to empower users with the ability to type proficiently by harnessing the brain’s natural power and efficiency. Our approach involves teaching them the positions of each character on the keyboard, enabling their brains to develop excellent motor skills. Unlike traditional typing courses, which rely on repetition until the brain recognizes and stores the motor skills, our method focuses on creating an enjoyable learning experience that helps participants learn faster and with greater enthusiasm.

Short Description

Knowing how to touch type can be a major time-saver. In this day and age, computers have become an essential part of life. Sadly, only a small percentage of people can type efficiently using all ten fingers. Information systems, such as the Electronic Patient Dossier, are crucial in the medical field. Yet, poor typing skills waste precious time and money regularly. Traditional typing courses can be uninspiring and demand months of rigorous training. Thankfully, Global Edutainment has created an innovative solution to tackle this issue.

If you aim to enhance your typing abilities and boost your typing speed, our online training program can assist you in achieving this objective. Through our program, you’ll learn how to touch type blindly using all ten fingers.

We aim to help you improve your skills, so we will send you a set of daily exercises through email for the next three weeks. Each exercise will only require 15 minutes of your time. You can also find extra exercises in your email inbox. With the SmartTyping online course, you will be taught the position of every key on the keyboard using visualizations, stories, and other effective association techniques. This course is designed to be interactive and enjoyable so that you stay motivated to reach your typing goals.


The training program comes with a variety of exercises and evaluations to monitor advancements. The outcomes are quickly available, and a notification email is sent, revealing the test results.

  • In a setting that fosters creativity and imagination, one can acquire the skill of typing with all ten fingers.
  • Being able to touch type without looking allows you to fully concentrate on the content at hand.
  • Are you dyslexic? Speech therapists and remedial teachers have found that a typing course can greatly benefit individuals with dyslexia.

Looking for an enjoyable and effective way to improve your typing skills? Look no further than SmartTyping!


Our training program is both fun and effective, utilizing brain-stimulating tools like music, colors, and images to activate your analytical and creative areas of the brain. With immediate storage in your long-term memory, you’ll experience faster learning and retention. 

After a 4-hour training course, you’ll have 3 weeks to practice using our online follow-up system. Each test takes just 15 minutes, and you’ll receive immediate feedback on your performance. 

With consistent practice for 15 days, you can expect to see a significant 20% enhancement from your starting point and become proficient in touch-typing with all 10 fingers!


Before beginning the online training program, there will be a preliminary evaluation to determine the initial speed and precision. The training will span 4 hours and will consist of several sessions featuring both visual and auditory aids.

  • Here are some essential skills to improve your typing abilities:
  • – Concentration skills
  • – Association skills
  • – Basic row left-hand typing
  • – Basic row right-hand typing
  • – Left-hand typing of remaining keys
  • – Right-hand typing of remaining keys
  • – Left-hand typing of symbols
  • – Right-hand typing of symbols
  • – Left-hand typing of numbers
  • – Right-hand typing of numbers

During the online training course, the instructor will allocate time to educate about proper posture while working. This will encompass understanding the suitable height for the desk and screen, as well as the appropriate seating position for arms, legs, and back. By comprehending these factors, the possibility of developing conditions such as RSI can be reduced.

Online Follow-up Trajectory

Our program for follow-up online comprises of 15 exercises that range from 15 to 30 minutes each. Additionally, we conduct various assessments to monitor the progress of the participants. Our online follow-up system offers frequent updates on the current status and progress of each participant. To support and motivate individuals, we send daily motivational emails for the first 15 working days after the training to encourage regular practice.


After completing the SmartTyping program, individuals will possess the ability to type efficiently using all ten fingers and at least 20% faster than their previous typing speed. With consistent practice and utilization of their newly acquired skills in daily tasks, they can anticipate further improvement in their typing speed.


This online course can be completed within four hours, and you can take breaks whenever you need to. Not only does it offer valuable instruction, but it also allows for some relaxation and fun. After finishing the course, you will have access to an online follow-up program.

Training Location

Whether you’re at home or anywhere else in the world.


Please take a moment to review our up-to-date reference guide by clicking on the link provided. For references, click here.

Terms of Delivery

In order to proceed, payment is necessary in advance.


The course materials for training contain information that is copyrighted and owned by Global Edutainment.

When can SmartTyping training start?

The course is suitable for children aged 11 or older who are proficient in the alphabet but have not yet learned blind touch typing. As a parent, it’s recommended to encourage your child to practice regularly for the best and quickest results with SmartTyping. Our typing training is both enjoyable and effective.

If you have any inquiries, feel free to contact us by phone or email.

Are You Dyslectic?

I’ve heard that typing without looking at the keyboard can have a positive impact on dyslexia.

Dyslexia is a condition where individuals have difficulty with reading efficiently. SmartReading is a quick-reading technique that can greatly benefit those with dyslexia. We’ve been teaching this method since 1992, utilizing the latest brain techniques so participants can learn to read visually. In 2009, we developed the SmartTyping course based on this method. To get a better understanding, you can watch a short movie about it.

Once your child has completed SmartTyping and can type effortlessly with all ten fingers, their classroom productivity will soar, energy expenditure will decrease, and reading and spelling skills will improve thanks to the accompanying visualization tools.

In a creative environment

In a dynamic and innovative setting, you can master touch typing with all ten fingers. Our online training program employs a combination of visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning techniques to activate both hemispheres of your brain. We use engaging exercises that incorporate music, imagery, and color to stimulate the creative and visual aspects of your right brain. Additionally, we target the logical, analytical, and abstract thinking areas of your left brain. This approach maximizes the use of your entire brain, which enhances your ability to retain knowledge in your long-term memory and apply your newfound skills more effectively. We also prioritize proper finger placement and body posture during the course.


By completing the comprehensive SmartTyping program, you can effectively type without looking at the keyboard using all ten fingers and at least 30% faster than before. This will allow for faster processing of reports and continued improvement in typing speed.

Throughout the program, you will be closely monitored by your personal trainer, who will serve as a valuable source of information, guidance, and support. Communication with your trainer can be done via email.

The brain-friendly method used in the program makes it easy for dyslexic individuals to learn how to touch type at a fast pace. Speech therapists and remedial teachers have noted the significant benefits of a typing course for dyslexic individuals.

If you are experiencing reading difficulties due to dyslexia, consider trying SmartReading, a speed-reading method developed using brain-friendly learning techniques.

Focus on your content!

Being able to touch type without looking allows you to concentrate on the actual content. You no longer have to shift your attention between typing and what you’re trying to learn or write. SmartTyping is an exceptional platform that offers a one-of-a-kind experience. Nowhere else can you learn to touch type with all ten fingers in just 4.5 hours.

How Does It Work?

Before starting the course, you will need to take a baseline measurement exercise to assess your typing speed and accuracy. Throughout the course, we will engage your brain with visual, kinesthetic, and auditory learning techniques. Upon completing the 6-week evaluation exercise, you will receive an official SmartTyping certificate. Additionally, you can enhance your typing skills by using our online exercise platform, SmartTesting. We encourage you to take the Evaluation Typing Test every 6 weeks, 3 months, and 6 months to track your progress.

Once you have completed the training, you will have full confidence in SmartTyping!

Elements of the course

  • Concentration skills
  • Basic row (home keys) left hand
  • Remaining keys left hand
  • Left-hand symbols
  • Left-hand numbers
    Body posture, finger exercises
  • Association techniques
  • Basic row (home keys) right hand
  • Remaining keys right hand
  • Right-hand symbols
  • Right-hand numbers
  • Finger position on the keyboard

Duration of the course

The course will last a couple of hours at your own pace.

What you get:

  1. 24/7 online follow-up.
  2. Enhance your accuracy and speed.
  3. It only takes 4 hours!
  4. Time gain and more focus on the job.
  5. Reduced risk of RSI by adopting the correct posture.
  6. Ultrafast processing of digital information.
  7. The course improves your fine motor skills.
  8. 3 months unlimited access to the online exercise environment.
  9. More freedom in learning.
  10. Your speed will have increased.
  11. You will be able to touch type blind with 10 fingers.
  12. Additional exercise material is available.
  13. Availability for SmartTyping at your location because it is online!
  14. Able to fully concentrate on what you want to type.
  15. You will receive an official SmartTyping Certificate.
  16. After 6 weeks your improvement will be up to 15 to 20%.
  17. Better focus on the content instead of the keyboard.

Coaching by your personal trainer.


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