Boost Your Efficiency with SmartTyping: The Ultimate Touch-Typing Solution!

In our increasingly digital world, being able to type efficiently is more than a mere convenience—it’s a necessity. Introducing SmartTyping, a revolutionary touch-typing training solution for both business professionals and healthcare workers alike. For just $275, learn to type fast, accurately, and blindfolded within a mere four hours!

SmartTyping seamlessly combines rigor with relaxation through an innovative approach.

Our comprehensive 4-hour training session is followed by a 3-week online process, requiring just 15 minutes of practice per day. Increase your productivity and accelerate digital information processing!

Experience Learning Like Never Before

SmartTyping believes that learning can be both fun and effective. Our brain-stimulating tools such as music, color, and imagery engage both your logical, analytical left hemisphere and your creative, visual right hemisphere. This results in an accelerated learning process with information being stored directly into your long-term memory!

Stay Focused on What’s Important

Whether you’re drafting a business proposal or recording patient information, touch typing with 10 fingers allows you to focus on the task at hand. This critical skill helps separate the act of typing from thinking in language, freeing your mind to focus on critical thoughts and interactions.

SmartTyping: A Game Changer in Three Steps


Keep your focus on the important aspects of your job or maintain a deeper connection with your patients while seamlessly recording their details.


Learn to type blindly with 10 fingers from anywhere, in just 4 hours.


Begin with a zero-measurement, followed by a 4-hour online touch-typing class and then three weeks of online practice.

SmartTyping: For Every Professional

Regardless of your role—manager, supervisor, employee, specialist, doctor, nurse, support staff—everyone can benefit from our program. Apply for SmartTyping today, and experience the game-changing difference.

For only $275, start your journey towards efficiency and enhanced focus. With hundreds of professionals already benefiting from our course, it’s time for you to be a part of the SmartTyping revolution. Let’s start typing smarter, not harder!

Our experience is that you learn faster while also enjoying the learning process.

At SmartTyping, we are proud to offer a fun and unique design that is highly valued by our users. We guarantee an enjoyable experience. The act of typing is distinct from the process of language cognition and retaining thoughts in our linguistic memory.

For more information, check out the fascinating intricacies of the brain.

SmartTyping Method & Results

SmartTyping teaches touch typing with brain-boosting tools like music, colors, and images for quick learning. After a 4-hour course, a 3-week online practice phase follows, with 15 minute exercises. Progress is assessed regularly, and our system provides immediate feedback.

Pre-course, a 0-measurement assesses your initial speed and accuracy. The course focuses on a variety of typing skills, including basic key placement for both hands and ergonomics to reduce RSI risk.

Post-training, a supportive online environment continues for three weeks, with daily motivational emails and a personal trainer for guidance. Most participants find a 20% speed increase after completing the program.

The course is online, flexible to your schedule, and available globally. Upfront payment is required.

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