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SmartTyping Business

Let us teach you how to touch type in 4½ hours!

A Tremendous Timesaver for Any Professional

For a low price per person tax-free!

Only 30 to 50% of the working population can touch-type using 10 fingers. This means that typing, on the whole, is time-consuming and costly. Usually, the motivation to follow a conventional typing training is low and doing an online typing course is disheartening.

Our experience is that you learn faster if you have fun during the learning process.
SmartTyping is definitely fun! You will receive an official SmartTyping certificate.

SmartTyping is the solution!

No More Annoying Motivational Issues!

You can gain a lot of time when you can touch-type!

SmartTyping In-Company at your location? The Choice is Yours! Please ask for a quote.

The training course can take place in the morning, afternoon or evening, depending on your wishes.

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If you have any questions, we are happy to answer them. Please give us a call or e-mail us.

Dutch IT, LLC
160 Hickory Tavern Road
Gillette, NJ 07933 USA

Rudy Zijdel, Phone: +1.908.626.0608 or by e-mail to

What will you learn?

Touch-type in 4½ hours!
Fewer physical posture complaints.
Key placement recognition.
Less motivational issues, makes learning fun!
More relaxed while typing.
Ability to touch type blind with 10 fingers.
More freedom in learning.
RSI Prevention techniques for less stiff neck and shoulders.
Concentrate more on the content instead of the keyboard.
Time management through direct processing of data during the consultation.
Less tiring as you can keep focused attention on the content.
Better concentration with direct feedback on your typing.


The 4½ hours classroom training is subdivided into auditory and visually supported sessions.
After completing the classroom training, you will practice for 15 to 30 minutes online daily on working days via an online follow-up system.

Baseline measurement exercise

Prior to the course you will be asked to complete a baseline measurement exercise in order to measure your typing speed and accuracy. During the course we will highly stimulate your brain with visual, kinesthetic and auditory learning skills. You will receive an official SmartTyping certificate after completing the 6-week evaluation exercise

In an creative environment

In an imaginative and creative environment you learn how to touch type using 10 fingers. During the training course both the left and right hemispheres of your brain will be stimulated through visual, kinesthetic and auditory learning techniques. Using pictures, music, colors and physical exercises, the creative and visual fields of the right-brain hemisphere are stimulated. Simultaneously, certain areas of the left-brain hemisphere with its function for logical, analytical and abstract thinking are also stimulated.
The benefit of these learning methods is to increase the use of your whole brain, which results in knowledge being saved far more efficiently in your long-term memory and your new skills being accessed more effectively. We will also spend time on the correct position of the fingers and body posture.

A Unique SmartTesting Online Exercise and Follow-up System.

Prior to the start of the course you will receive an email. In this email you will be asked to do a small typing exercise in order to measure your typing skills for speed and accuracy (baseline measurement).

After the course you will be asked by a daily email, to practice your new typing skills for 15 days for only 15 minutes using the online system. Immediately after you have completed your exercise, you will receive feedback on speed, accuracy and time.

After these 15 days you can start to use it in your daily work and your improvement will increase. We are confident that your speed and accuracy will further improve and after 6 weeks you will be asked to complete an evaluation, showing a 15-20% average increase to your baseline measurement!
You will receive an official SmartTyping certificate after completing the 6-week evaluation exercise.

Evaluation Typing Tests if you want

In addition to the exercises requested by email, you are more than welcome to improve your typing skills by practicing using our online exercise environment: SmartTesting. After intervals of 6 weeks, 3 months and 6 months you will be asked to complete an Evaluation Typing Test.

After completing the training, you will have gained blind faith in SmartTyping!

Focus On The Job?

When you are able to touch type, you can focus on the content. No longer do you have to alternate between the keyboard and the person you are talking to, or the text you have to type. SmartTyping is unique. Nowhere else will you be able to learn to touch-type in 4.5 hours using 10 fingers!

Are You Dyslectic?

Thanks to the brain-friendly method, dyslectic people find it easy to learn fast to touch type.
Speech therapists and remedial teachers know from experience that dyslectic people benefit hugely from a typing course. If dyslexia also causes problems when you read, take a look at: SmartReading. A speed-reading method also developed through brain-friendly learning.

Elements of the course

Concentration skills
Basic row (home keys) left hand
Remaining keys left hand
Left hand symbols
Left hand numbers
Body posture, finger exercises
Association techniques
Basic row (home keys) right hand
Remaining keys right hand
Right hand symbols
Right hand numbers
Finger position on the keyboard

Duration of the course

The course will last 4½ hours, including 2 breaks. During the next 15 working days you will be asked, by email, to do your daily exercise. After 6 weeks you will complete an evaluation test to measure your speed, accuracy and time. This will also have to be completed after 3 and 6 months.

Please give us a call or e-mail us if you have any questions.

Marietha van der Velde, Phone: +1.862.246.4235 or by e-mail
Rudolf Zijdel, Phone: +1.908.626.0608 or by e-mail to

Netherlands: Paul van der Velde, Mobile Phone: +31654398521 or by e-mail to
Skype: paulvandervelde

What do other people think about this training?

Anja van Aken – Implementation Manager EPD, MCA Gemini Group

“A super way to get to know the keyboard. Clear associations by means of colors, stories, matching images and sound. So it’s a method for everybody to learn and associate fast. Humor. Enhanced team building. Good luck with future trainings.”

Pieter Kingma – Orthopaedic Surgery, Kennemer Hospital

“The typing course was a positive experience for me. Fun learning method, working with mnemonics. It works well, the positions of the keys on the keyboard are memorized quickly. Before, I never thought I’d be able to learn how to touch type at my age (47). I can recommend this to every 2-finger typist. Practicing now.”

Erik Tiggelaar – Consultant, Haga Hospital

“Surprising!! In particular reading with images and stories suits me perfectly. Nice evening! Laughing, relaxing and learning. I really learned a lot in a visual way. The SmartTyping typing course: Learning to type fast in a special way. Surprisingly fast results. Very good use of personal learning styles.”

Dr K.W. (Wim) Florijn – Internal Medicine, Ruwaard van Putten Hospital

“It’s a relief to know where all the keys are on the keyboard without endlessly repeating. Good that it was carried out on location that quickly!”

Ilse Koelemij – Aios Skin Diseases, Deventer Hospital

“I chose this course because I have to work in the EPD frequently and I make many typos. The course layout is great; you learn to visualize the keyboard which makes you find the letters very fast. You learn a whole new way of typing. After one week, typing is improved greatly. Every day you receive an e-mail telling you that an exercise is waiting for you. It takes about 15 minutes per day. I can definitely recommend the course.”

Karla Pit – Atlant Care Group

“A special kind of typing course. The letters and symbols are being visualized and stored in your memory in a fun way. The link between your image-forming and the movements of your fingers should be mastered in the follow-up online practice sessions.”

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What you get:

24/7 online follow-up.
Enhance your accuracy and speed.
It only takes 4½ hours of your day!
Coaching by your personal trainer.
Time gain and more focus on the job.
Reduced risk of RSI by adopting the correct posture.
Ultrafast processing of digital information.
The course improves your fine motor skills.
3 months unlimited access to the online exercise environment.
More freedom in learning.
Your speed will have increased.
You will be able to touch type blind with 10 fingers.
Additional exercise material is available.
Availability for SmartTyping In-Company at your location!
Able to fully concentrate on what you want to type.
You will receive an official SmartTyping Certificate.
After 6 weeks your improvement will be up to 15 to 20%.
Better focus on the content instead of the keyboard.


SmartTyping Business


New Jersey & New York
Dutch IT, LLC
160 Hickory Tavern Road
Gillette, NJ 07933 USA

Number of participants

30 participants per training


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Duration and time

The course will last 4½ hours, including 2 breaks.